Follow up

A group of fun loving Christians.


Prayer is the key. This dedicated department focuses on praying for the church, the people and the nation. With fervent and consistent prayer,we claim the blessings of the Lord as children of God.


Serving God through the church, this department is responsible for welcoming members,overseeing members seating, addressing any seating and security issues that may arise.

Sounds of Heaven & The Psalmists

The Sounds of Heaven is Joshuaville’s choir department. This team of talented ministers deliver beautiful melodies and sounds to glorify God. They minister in praise, worship and special songs that bring down the glory of God and uplift the church.


The media Team works to deliver top notch information and hands on media service to the church and her audience via digital tools. From creating content, graphics designs, Social media, communications, the media team is taking the church digital.

Traffic Marshalls & Protocol

Men and women dedicated to the coordination
of transport services of members to and from
locations, controlling and maintaining free flow
of traffic around the church premises during the
service times, supervising parking and security of
vehicles during services.


F5 caters to working professionals, organizing
events where they can come together to refresh,
socialize and share the word.


This ministry is a meeting point for art in all its forms:
drama, dance, poetry, writing, and others, to minister
and communicate to the congregation and wider

Faith Mates

A spiritual and social group where engaged, newly
wed, and married couples come together.

Team Shalom

Responsible for discipleship and monitoring of
new converts, collection and collation of contact
information of new guests, contacting, inducting,
and organizing meet-and-greets for new guests.

The Clusters

These are social groups aimed at networking and
creating connections among professionals and
people with similar interests in the church.
The clusters are fitness/health, for those interested
in fitness and health; sports, Business/Career/
Entrepreneurship, Pots and Pans, for those
interested in food and cooking; and the Book club.


This ministry organizes evangelism walks and
outreaches, church social responsibilities, special
events like movie shows, social media evangelism,
customised tract creation, and evangelism training.

Let's Fulfill Purpose Together

The Incubator, 7/8 Abiodun Yesufu Way, City of David Church Road, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

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